Open-sourced the API editor of my upcoming product

2 min readMay 26, 2021


Hello hackers :)

I’m working on my next product which is a collaborative API platform. The idea initially came from my daily works, I was working in a consulting agency that design & build apps for large companies like Nike, Starbucks, Burberry, etc.

Just like other digital teams, we use tools like GitHub, Jira, Figma to manage everything and work together. But as a backend dev, I found the management for the API is chaotic, we use websequencediagrams to draw sequence diagram, using lucidchart to draw some logic diagram and frontend colleagues have to use swagger-editor to check backend’s API doc.

We don’t have an all-in-one platform to manage everything in the backend. With the project going and become more complicated, it becomes hard for team members to review the logic designing behind each API, which is quite important for those performance-critical APIs. On the other hand, backend devs have to use Slack to notify the frontend team which API has just been changed.

So I started to build a collaborative API platform aim at bringing frontend & backend teams to work together in one place. The product is going to be released in the next month and I just open-sourced the openAPI editor of the product, it might help if you are looking for an alternative of swagger-editor.


Happy creating :)